Sunday, January 16, 2011

hello, i love you...won't you tell me your name?

well, hello, hi, how are you?
i hope this finds you doing awesome. i just wanted to say a quick "helloiloveyou" to everyone before turning in for the night. i'm going to be honest. i am actually posting this from bed, probably minutes from falling asleep. we have had a busy, busy weekend & i have been in bed staring at the tv for hours because i cannot. stop. watching. storage wars. i want to buy abandoned storage units so bad i cannot stand it after watching this show. i caught bits & pieces of the golden globes. i will catch up on all the outfits tomorrow. anyway, we actually went to a concert friday night that was not one of nathan's shows...that's unusual for us! he was fortunate enough to not have anything booked friday so we were able to catch a show we've been wanting to see for awhile & then saturday it was back to business & out of town for the boys. it wasn't too far, so i let pres have some grandparents time & i went along. a good time as always. i took some fun pics & i'll get around to sharing those tomorrow.
until then...goodnight, my friends.


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Anonymous said...

Good night sweet one!