Tuesday, January 18, 2011

weekend in review: rock & roll adventure in pictures.

hello, hello & happy tuesday!
i had a photoshoot yesterday & then we had a crisis yesterday evening (someone stole nathan's iphone), so i didn't get around to this post last night.
friday night we saw zoso, a led zeppelin tribute band. if you haven't seen them, you should definitely check them out! it is unbelievable how much their lead singer sounds like robert plant. here are a few photos from the show.

nathan was lucky to get to go with me friday. they are normally always gone towards the end of the week & the weekends, but he scored friday off & that was awesome. however, saturday morning, they had to pack up & go again, but they weren't going too far, so i went along. i only took one picture. haha. the place was too crowded & i was pretty comfortable where i was, didn't feel like pushing through folks to get pictures.

hope you guys have a good night! i've got a little work to do, then i'm headed downtown for nathan's show tonight. they're playing in birmingham this evening, so we may actually get in bed together at a semi-reasonable hour...and that is awesome.
savannah marie
p.s. i'm going to upload some new items to the shop tomorrow. our photoshoot went pretty great yesterday!

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