Tuesday, January 4, 2011

today in review.

hello, hello, pretty ladies!
i hope you are enjoying your monday. i am...now. it didn't start out too well. i've just been kinda bummed the past couple of days, no particular reason, just a few things have kinda had me down. the boy called this afternoon to check on me & when i didn't seem much happier than he'd left me, he suggested an evening of thrifting & mexican food, my two favorite things. it did make me feel MUCH better, and then i came home to some awesome news, and now...crappy mood=totally gone.
here's the two awesome things that happened today.

1. i found all this awesome stuff while thrifting. my favorite finds? my new black vintage evening bag, saturday night fever & .38 special on vinyl, and an awesome metal flower art picture.

2. EBV model, & my dear friend, jess, was featured in atlanta magazine! check out the feature, then check out her blog: ladyflashback.com.

savannah marie

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Waistland Vintage said...

Righteous! I am so in love with the evening bag!