Tuesday, January 25, 2011

today in review.

hello, hello, hello!
hope this finds everyone doing awesome. today was a looooong day. a fun day, but tiring. i spent the day in atlanta shooting new vintage listings with jess aka ladyflashback. we *finally* got to exchange christmas gifts & we shot (((what feels like))) one hundred million outfits. look for those coming to the shop super soon! jess got some crappy news halfway through our day, but things started to look up when we had some visitors. her friend christie came by & made some yummy quiche. her boyfriend came by & brought some flowers. i think she perked up quite a bit & seemed to be in a much better mood when i left. i'm headed back thursday for another photoshoot & a double date! jess & her boy & meself & my boy are going to our favorite mexican restaurant! i'm worn out from the drive, but i'm excited about all the new stuffs we shot for my shop & i'm already looking forward to thursday.
here are my favorite photos from today.


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