Friday, January 28, 2011

tgif. & some big news too.

hello & happy friday to you!
this has been one heck of a week. 2 trips out of town, 2 huge photoshoots, 1500+ pictures for me to start editing tonight...whew!

the shop will have a crapton of new vintage listings this weekend. i will split up all the new stuff between two days. half will start tomorrow night & the other half will start sunday night. the boy is off rock & rollin' again this weekend, so it's just me, pres, the dog that wears tiny sweaters & a whole buncha work to catch up on. i'm very, very, very excited for you guys to see all the awesome new stuffs!

in other news, we have a little secret...shhh...EBV is expanding again! we have our baby, the online store, our new relatively new venture, EBV-Birmingham, & now we are expanding again. where is the new shop going? well...we are keeping it secret for now & working out the details, but of course, the announcement will be made here first. hint, hint: it's one of our favorite cities & it's not in alabama. exceptional vintage for everybody, or that's our plan, anyway! we are so excited to continue to grow everybody's buying vintage & i want to take a quick minute to thank everyone for their support. i couldn't do what i love if it wasn't for you guys, & i am so very thankful. we have always had the best customers ever! this is going to be a pretty awesome year for us...i can just kinda feel it!

in other news, check this out: (we went on a double date last night, post photoshoot)

now is that a pitcher of margaritas or is that a pitcher of margaritas?!?
cheers to awesome weekends,

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Holy margarita! That's one huge pitcher.