Wednesday, January 12, 2011

a thrifting adventure.

hello, hello...and happy wednesday, sunshines!
today was a fun day. it was a thrifting extravaganza! hit three different stores with the kiddo in tow. she was excited for the first one & part of the second one & then she spent the majority of the rest of the afternoon in the cart playing with mama's iphone. have a look at today's scores!
savannah marie
p.s. i've got a big photoshoot planned with lady flashback in hot, er, coldlanta tomorrow. check out my pulls for the shoot:
(it's likely that sequin dress will never make it to the shop. i'm strongly considering keeping it for meself.)

i didn't buy these, but i damn sure wanted to. if someone hadn't beat me to it, they'd been mine & i'd been explaining to that boy of mine why i tried to strap a couch & a chair to the top of the suv. & why i bought them & what was wrong with the couch we already have...

super awesome oxfords, size 8. look for them for sale in THE SHOP soon.

mushroom wall hanging for our EBV-Birmingham shop, 2 bags for the online shop, jars, butterfly, & picture for EBV-Birmingham, love statues for the boy & i.

an ebay purchase i received in the mail today. listened to it twice already...

a gift. to: the pretty hippie girl. love, the boy in the rock & roll band.

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